Are We Liked?

Are you wondering if we are liked? Are you wondering if you should trust us with your glasses? 
We know that glasses can make or break your life. Having them fit just right with the perfect set of lenses set perfectly in your frames is what every eyeglass wearer dreams of. Check out what our customers have to say about us and decide if we are right for you!
  • “Loved my experience with Scott at Vantage Point Eyewear. He is an experienced optician, not just a front desk receptionist, and you can tell. We brought our prescription in and he provided out-of-this-world service with our son’s glasses. We have some unusual needs with the lenses and Scott could handle all of it with no problem. He provided great glasses at a great price with awesome service. I will definitely be bringing the rest of my family back!” -Dru Simkins
  • “This is the best place to get eyewear in the valley; not just in the valley, but online as well. If you want someone who knows what he is doing, Scott is your man! I bought a bunch of sunglasses and glasses for my kids. Can’t beat the price or the quality of the glasses you get. You get a great pair of glasses unlike other places where you pay an arm and a leg for glasses that break as soon as you get them out of the box. My wife’s glasses did not fit quite right, so Scott fixed it right away and didn’t make us feel bad for getting them adjusted. The service and the way I was treated was incomparable.” -Chris Clausing
  • “Prices like you won’t find anywhere else in Rexburg. Great service, and great glasses; I’d recommend it to anybody!” -Josh Thomson
  • “I had an old pair of sunglasses and I took them to Scott to have new prescription lenses put in. I was expecting it to take a couple of days, but Scott called me the NEXT DAY to tell me they were done. I was blown away! THEN he even went as far as hand delivering them to my home! Scott went above and beyond to take care of me. I highly recommend Vantage Point Eyewear for anyone looking for new eyewear. Scott will take care of you!” -Erik Hill